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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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top stories this morning, prince george's county executive jack johnson expected to head back to work this morning. johnson is still on the job for another three weeks before county executive baker takes over. today members of cgress return to capitol hill for a lame duck session. will anything get done. eagles to take on the redskins at fedex field. how they a issuing an apology of sorts folwing his recent benching. >> well, at's good. >> thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> the 15th day of november, 2010. a live look outside. it's foggy out there. be careful when yo head out. but it does make for an interesting picture. >> yeah, we do have patchy dense fog in prince george's, southern maryland and south of washington along interstate 95 corridor and
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the eastern shore, too. visibiliti have been lowered to under a quarter mile getting fog in upper northwest washington as well. and temperatures are chilly. it's in the low to mid-40s throughout mos of the region. mid-40s in the mountains of west virginia. a few locations dipped into the upper 30s. over the last 12 hours we have had a few sprinkles in the mountains but those have dissipated. it should be breaking up mid to late morning. sunshine back at least for a pref time. highs reach the low 60s. overnight tonight for the skins fame, looks like good weather for the skins and eagles. i figure if the cowboys can beat the giants the skins can beat the eagles. >> that's right. >> should be dry. >> south of town we ctinue to follow breaking news. 's a major accident we're told byuthorities on the scene. it certainly does appear to be that way.
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our loop south of town between van burn and eisenhower. several vehicles involved in this accident. more equipme to lend assistance. right now only one, possibly two lanes from time to time will get by. but that is certainly not enough to alleviate the delays outer loop delays begin back in springfield, trying to head eastbound on 495 over to alexandria. stay away until authorities can get this under control. we'll keep you updated obviously. it's fog. nothing but the fog right now. no accidents on the beltway of ince george's county. on the george washington parkway, pretty picture both dictions between the 14th street bridge and old town alexandria. that's a pretty good way to go. metro and vre, mark rail, camden 841, 27 minutes late. penn 503, nine. >> today congress returns to work for the first time since
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the midterm elections. you're looking the a live picture of capitol hill. taxes the big issue durg this lame duck session. the bush era tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year if congress doesn't act. president obama wants to keep the cuts in place for those making under $250,000. republicans say they're willing to work with them. >> the permanent extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> he is the president. so we'll work with him on that. >> the democrats may also push to pay $250 to social security recipients, extend unemployment benefits and repeal don't ask, don't tell. also today, 100 republican freshman arrive to be schooled on the job they will resume in january. president obama got back to work this morning. he will be back from a ten-day
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tour in asia over the weekend but still has unfinished business. the president was unable to secure a free trade deal with south korea. also, there's still economic tension over china's currency practices. >> it comes days after authoritiesarrested jackson and his wife leslie. tracee wilkins was there when the arrest went down on friday. she joins us live from hnson's house this morning. tracee, good morning. >> good morning, joe. the house is still dark. he does have three weeks left. he said he would be returning to work this morning. the window on the first floor of the county executive's home is still probroken. today that's what we expechim to do.
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johnson and his wife leslie returned home fray night after the two were charged with accepting kickbacks and prescribes in exchange for favorable treatment. johnson and his wife leslie, a newly elected county council member were taken into custody friday afternoon. fbi and irs agents then stayed inside their home for several hours leaving with boxes of evidence containing recordsnd also clothing. federaofficials say johnson's arrest may not be their last in this investigation. >> our message is clear. if you have information regarding a pay to play scheme in this county or in this state, it is far better for you to talk to us now than for us to come knocking on your door. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without ashadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> we still have not heard from the county execuve's wife.
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so no word yet what his plans will bfor the new seat she just won in this past election. baker, incoming county executive, will be holding a press conference, addressing these charges later today. tracee wilkins, live in mitchellville. joe, back to you in thestudio. >> tracee, thanks very much. e man accused of killing chandra levy could take the stand. last week prosecutors dropped one sexual assault charge and one of the three murder charges against guandique and then rested their case. one of guandique's former cell mates is expected to testify for the defense. jury deliberations could begin as early as wednesday. >> fairfax county police would like to talk to the mother whose newborn baby was found outside a church. the little girl was found outside st. raymond's in springfield before early morning mass on sunday.
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she was wrapped in towels inside a gym bag and still had her umbilical cord attached. the baby was taken to the hospital and is in good condition. >> new reports former d.c. chance lear is being eyed by the state of florida. rh announced she was stepping down in octobermott long after her boss mayor adrian fenty lost the primary. st. petersrg times is reporting that rick scott is looking at rhee as a possible head of the new commission. a source close to rhee said she is, quote, considering all options at this time. 6:07 your time now. 46 degrees. ohio drive project ended. now another construction project set begin will slow town your commute downtown >> and you better be careful being pulled over this morning. >> he called himsel the happiest unemployed man. we catch up with donny simpson on what life is like off air.
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>> foggy outside. 46 degrees. a look at the fog and the traffic and the weather right after this.
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>> still to come, the ne report that says don't blame metro for all the recent escalat
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welcome back. capitals showed why they're one
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of the biggest offensive powers in the national hockey league last night. started with a little luck as a weak shot trickled through. he showed off some skill with an assist to alex simmons. defense manipped one into the upper left-hand corner to give the caps the game winner in the third. they beat the thrashers, 6-4. go caps! >> awesome. there is a winning team. we need their luck to rub off on the redskins >> rain coming after midnight late tonight. dry between now and then. this morning it's damp and chilly. patchy dense fog, especially in our eastern suburbs. cal vefrt, charles, prince george's county. farther to our west, not as much fog but there is fog in d.c. as well. we ought to get sunshine
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breaking out throughout most of the region. clouding up tonight. should be dry for the skins game. tomorrow, wet day. we my have showers in the morning. greater chance of rain later in the day on tuesday, tuesday night. highs only in the mid-50s. sunshineack on wednesday. should be partly cloudy. low 60s. mid-50s on thursday. mostly cloudy. a look at friday, saturday, sunday in ten minutes. that will be around 6:21. >> capital beltway south of town the outer loop of the beltway towards van buren, remnants of the accident toward the shoulder now. things are deescalating very quickly. looks like most if not all travel lanes reopened. delays reaching back towards the springfield interchange on the outer loop. let's head over and update you on 270. shrouded in fog, south out of germantown. fromrederick to rockville, all volumeith no accidents to
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rert. we'll out and update you on the rails. metro, vre, no delays. 841 and 843, penn 405 and 503 slightly delayed. you can expect major headaches on the roads tonight. a monday night matchup against the philadelphia eagles. the second time this year donovan mcnabb wi play his old team. he is hoping another big win will give him room to negotiate a new contract. mcnabb agent will be in town today to try to secure a new four-year deal for the quarrback. >> some of it has been third and long situations. we can help by first and second down. take some of those hard situations off the back. so that's definitely an issue that we need to get better at.
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>> the skins and eagles kick off at 8:30 tonight. new developments in metro's escalator mess. six people were injured when an escalator malfunctioned in l'enfantlaza. the same type malfunctioned in much the same way in atlta three years ago injuring a dozen passengers. why haven't the problems been fixed until now? megan mcgrath joins us with more. one thing is this model has been discontinued for more tha30 years, i understand >> reporter: well, ye. this is really focused attention on a very specific model of escalator. that's where the problems are being seen. it's called the westinghouse modular 100. this shows an incident in atlanta on new year's eve back in 2007 where there was an insure with a mod lore 100 that caused people to fall into a pile at the bottom of the
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escalator. of course a few weeks back here in washington there was a similar accident at the l'enfant plaza where the brakes on the modular 100 failed sending people flying. metro has been inspecting all their escalators in the system. they currently have 120 escalators out of service for repair at this point. >> it kind of mak me nervous. but i'm 50/50. it really don't bother me. i am nervous. i hope i don't get hurt. >> you don't have achoice. >> i don't have a choice, right. there's no other way to get out, so i have to take the escalator. >> i'm trying to get to the airport, and i think it's very inconvenient. yeah. >> big problems? >> big problem. metro needs to do something about it. >> and you can see a live look here. two of the three escalators at the gallery place metro stop are out of service. again, they've bn pulling out escalators, taking them out of service as they detect problems
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with the braking systems. so a lot of escalators are not operational today. about 120 of em. we've been talking to folks saying it's an inconvenience. they sort of understand that the work needs to be done and it's going to be inconvenient for a while until all of this can get sorted out. this kind of system requires more maintenance than other systems. interim general manager said the escalators have suffered from years of poor maintenance. so an ongoing issue. >> huge,uge problem. megan, thanks very much >> today virginia state police will be out in force making sure you are buckled up behind the wheel. officers will be participating in a click it or ticket campaign. more than 300 virginians were killed because they were not wearing seatbelts. not buckling up is a secondary offense, so you have to be pulled over for something elsewhere being cite indeed virginia. tickets are $25. maryland and d.c., it is a
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primary offense so you can get pulled over just for not buckli up. more traffic tie-ups around the national mall. today federal and lal officials are expected to announce a major construction project on the 17th street levee. crews will be replacing the old levee built in the 1930s. it will reduce the risk of flooding around e monuments and other buildings downtown. it's not clear when that construction, though, would start. another deadly crash involving a toyota camry. a problem with the car's accelerator likely caused the crash. two people died. ere were skid marks showing the driver tried to stop the camera before it crashed into the wall.
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toyota has recalled millions because of floor mats that can snag gas pedals that can stick. secretary of homeland security is addressing concerns over the privacy and safety of body scanners at airports. janet napolitano insists passengers should not be worried. she wrote an opinion piece in "usa today." that scanners were independently tested by the food and drug administration, the national initutes of standards and technology and the johns hopkins university applied physics laborato. check out these pictures from that's bill clinton on the left playing himself in the comedy "the hangover 2." that raises some questions. clinton shot h brief appearance in bangkok where he is delivering a speech on clean energy. i take it the speech was not in the movie. it's been almost a year since
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radio ledgend donny simpson signed off. >> it's great. it really is. i say i'm america's happiest unemployed man. >> donny simpson is spending every day on a golf course along lake manassas in northern virginia. >> i love this idea of no schedule. and i can get off and do whatever i want to do, when i want to do it, where i want to do it. >> simpson got off the clock january 30th of this year. the old style deejay was fed up with the new radio of corporate play list. >> i refuse after 40 years to have someone tell me how to do what i do.
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i'm not going to do your version of donny spson. >> i do not miss doing the show. i don't miss that stage. i don't feel like i have to have that. i guess i just feel like, you know, i had so many years of doing it. >> in addition to playing golf, simpson enjoys learning italian >> i love the people. they're almost as cool as black people in the state. >> he posts dailyto his facebook page, giving him another kind of microphone. >> some days i'm talking about this guy wanting to burn the koran. the next day i'm talking about how i'm ruining my granddaughter by letting her watch tom and jerry. >> he will be free of his
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contractual obligations to wpgc come february and he insists he's got nothing cooking. >> but i'm not sure i want to do anything. >> he wears his philosophy in italian on his favorite cap. >> my cap says free at last. >> good for him. i hope he real enjoys it. he's a great talent. wii miss him on the radio but it looks like he's enjoying love. >> he did not mean our tom and jerry. heeant the cartoon tom and jerry. >> we have fog around to be aware of. in fact, it has reduced visibility quite a bit. we've got the deer active. now we have pedestrians out. watch out. visibilities are down all around the region. the district and maryland we have had fog rapidly thickening
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the last hour. later today, though, we should get sunshine back with highs into the low 60s. cloudy tonight. should be dry for the skins game. tomorrow, a wet day, occasional showers from the morni to the evening. highs mid-50s. drying out wednesday. should be sunny by afternoon. highs reaching the low 60s. mostly cloudy thursday. blustery and cool. chilly with highs nar 50. sunny and still chilly over the weekend. >> tom, we will head out and eck out 66 eastbound where we're starting to see some brake lights develop into the fog from manassas io fair oaks and the beltway. beltway south of town, crash outer loop. everything over to the shoulder. leaving sprgfield. let's go out to the rails and e how we're doing at this hour. metro, vre, no delays. mark, issues, camden 841 and 843. >> thank you, jerry.
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>> 6:22 your time. 46 degrees. 100 cases in the past two months. what a group of vandals doing to cars in the area. somali pirates held them hostage for nearly a year. a retired couple is free and talking about their orlegal. desperate plea from a local family. they say their dog was stolen right out of their home.
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still to come, a -year-old girl found bound and gagged. the search is on
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seven people are dead after a natural gas explosion at a resort in mexico. the blast ppened on the grand floor on sunday. investigators say five canadian tourists, cluding a 9-year-old boy and two mexican hotel employees died. >> a 13-year-old girl missing since wednesday is safe this morning. but authorities still don't know wherthe rest of her family is. sheriff's deputies in ohio raided the house and found sarah maynard bound and gagged in the
6:26 am
basement. the house is ten miles away from their family home. poce fou a man in the home and charged him with kidnapping. they believe he can lead them to her mother, brother, and a family friend, all of whom ve not been seen in five days. >>aul and rachel chandler were sailing around the world when they were kidnapped at gunpoint. somali pirates raided their boat and they were held by gunpoint and kept in solitary confinement. rachel chandler says she's happy to be free. and there's been no official word if ransom was paid. right now e couple is in kenya waiting to be reunited with their family. >> this was obviously the wrong video. we apologize for that. 6:26. 46 degrees. the worst case of vandalism they ha ever seen a local man wakes up to t sound of someone breaking into his house. wait until you hear what he did
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next. >> find out if we're in ste for picture perfect weather.
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still to come, a health alert for women. what doctors says raising your risk of ♪
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prince george's county executive jack johnson heads back to work today following his arrest. it's also back to work up on capitol hill. a lame duck session of congress begins oday. what's expected to happen during the democrats final two months of control. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang. it is monday, november 15th, 2010. 6:30. take a look at all the fog around the area. you can barely see some of the buildings out there. tom is here to tell us it will burn off. we will see sunshine today. >> i think we wi perhaps in another couple hours. it's going to take that long. right now we do have dense fog, especially in the rural aas tside the beltway where visibilities have been reduced under a quarter mile. we have the deer that are active. pedestrians now beginning to fill the street so watch out. temperatures in the low to mid-40s throughout most of the region. even in the mountains it's above
6:31 am
freezing this morning. around the bay, generally in the 40s to near 40 degrees over the last 12 hours we have had clouds coming through. the last couple hours this fog has thickened up throughout much of the region. so be careful. visibility will stay low for another couple hours. by 9:00 we have to get sun breaking out. and becoming partly cloudy to mostly sunny, lateorning to early afternoon. highs reaching low 60s. clouding up as we get into evening hours. sunrise, 6:51, in 20 minutes. sunset at 4:54. and for tonight's game, it looks like it will be cloy for eagles and skins. kickoff 8:30. it should stay cloudy through the game with a light northeasterly breeze. >> good morning, everyone. this is what it looks like from the north along i-270. several stretches now. very heavy and very slow traffic andhrouded in fog. this is right here in germantown. it looks this way off and on between frederick and the
6:32 am
capital beltway. be aware of it. no accints. not too bad visibilitywise. just form as you begin the commute out offredericksburg. had the beltway crash now gone. it was on the outer loop between van buren and eisenhower. outer loop delays in springfield most of the way over towards telegraph road. that will tack time on to your time. tro and vre. am den 841 and 843. penn 405 and 503. >> jerry, thank you. president obama is back in washington after a ten-day trip to asia. the president is gerg for the lame duck session of congress. he told reporters on air force one he will look for common grouped with a ne republican dominated house. he confessed to an obsessive focus on policy and promised to
6:33 am
ghoert time to bipartisan ship. bipartisanship the gape of the game. orientation begins this morning for the 00 mostly republican freshman. those new lawmakers, however, don't take office until january. so today congress will resume r a meduck session. news 4's kimberly suiters joins us from the newsroom with a long to-do list. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: to do or not to do, the standard question for lame duck session. 100 mostly republican freshman on the hill learning the rules, how to r an office, how not to get lost. the meantime, the rest of congress will look at unfinished spending bills to avoid a
6:34 am
government shutdown. also they will be looking at an extension ofnemployment benefits and maybe allowing gays to serve openly in the military. but the biggest issue, acting on the bush-era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. they want to tax those making $200,000 or more. the gop might be willing to work with the president on a short-term extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans while a broader cut is made permanent. >> there's no bend on the permanent extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> that's all we could get out of the president. and he is the president. so we'll work with him on that. >> lame duck sessions earn their name as being unproductive and unpopula members will work for a week and break for thanksgiving and reconvene before the job is done or abandoned. the gop looking to january when they take control of the house. eun, back to you. >> kimberly suiters in our newsroom. kimberly, thank you. also today, the ethics trial of charles rangel is expected to begin. he is charged with 13 violations, including failure to
6:35 am
reporting income from a dominican republic villa. he stepped down as chair of the ways and means committee. thhouse ethics committee will hold the trial. he said he's not guilty of any ethics violationand he will represent himself. the man accused of killing chandra levy could take the stand in his own murder trial this week. ingmar guandique is charged with killing the washington intern back in 2001. last week prosecutors dropped one sexual assault charge and one of the three murder charges against guandique and then rested their case. one of guandique'sormer cell mates is expected to testify for the defense. jury deliberations could begin as early as wednesday. a gaithersburg man said shot another man trying to get into his apartment in self-defense. it happened on muddy branch ad in gaithersburg. the resident says, fearing for his life, he took action.
6:36 am
he said he did warn the man. >> i gave a verbal warning not to enter the household they kept trying to come i i fired one shot to the bottom right corner of the window, hoping to scare him f but i actually did, in fact, hit the person. >> the victim was taken to the hospital and is okay. police say that person apparently thought he was break sboog his own apartment. far no charges have been filed against anyone. this morning prince george's county officers are on the hunt for two people who have been driving around shooting up windshields with bb guns. this happened nearly 100 times in the eastern part of the county since september. now police are calling it one of the large effort cases of random vandalism ever in the county. the suspects are believed to be driving a black honda del sol convertible. 6:36. udents always feared getting one. what is now banned at one local
6:37 am
hospital. what doctors say is raising heart disease and death. a lot of fog around. weather and traffitogether on the ones, next.
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>> our time 6:39. 21 minutes until 7:00. 47 degrees. look at all that fog out there this morning. wow! . kind of a bleary-eyed way to begin the day. >> don't adjust your tv screen. that is fog. and that is our city. >> good morning. that view show visibility about half a mile to a le. not too bad. but there are some locations where it's down under a quarter mile. with the deer active and more pedestrians out, watch out this morning th this reduced visibility. because this fog is going to linger for another couple hours. low to mid-40s. most of the regn, 48 national apart. we should climb into the low 60s.
6:41 am
wet tomorrow. highs in the mid-50s with passing showers. wednesday, drying out. highs mid-60s. as we get into thursday, should be mostly cloudy. blustery northwest wind should bring in chillier weather. turn even colder the end of the week and the weekend. a look at that in ten minutes, 6:51. a look at friday, saturday, sunday. now let's check the traffic on this monday morning. >> tom, it's been a little rocky south of town. the crash has been out of the roadway for a while. delays just after the springfield interchange. new york avue, third street tunnel, into and out of, moving along pretty well. third street tunnel no concerns between the freeway and new york avenue. everything moving appropriately. one more stop on the beltway. college park to southern spring. southern maryland, look out for
6:42 am
the fog still dealing with it rticularly on the prince george's side. although we have fog coming from the north on on 270. metro and vre. mark having a tough morning. penn 405. 407. 503. 509 delayed. as is brunswick 892. joe, eun. >>well, jerry, thanks very much e. >> 6:42. 47 degrees. how the redskins are trying to make up with quarterback mcnabb >> and jack johnson heads back to work today following his arrest on friday. why that arrest might be just the beginning >> the sen for a missing dog. the dog w
6:43 am
still to come, first from fabook. what the social network website will launch today. [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee
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♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ this morning prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to return to work. it comes just days after federal
6:45 am
authorities arrested him, along with his wife leslie. news 4 captured the arrest in this exclusive video. today we are also expected to hear from his successor, county executive baker. tracee wilkins was first on the scene when the arrest went down and joins us fom mitchellville this morning. tracee, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. we are expecting him to go to work this morning. that's what he was going to do. he was under electronic monitoring but he is allowed to go to work. jack johnson and his wife leslie returned to their mitchellville home after the two were charged in federal court after accepting kickbacks this exchange for treatment. johnson and his wife leslie, a newly elected county council member were taken into custody friday afternoon. fbi and irs ents then stayed in the home for several hours leaving with several boxes of evidence containing records and clothing from inside the home.
6:46 am
>> we are committed to putting an end to public ficials who dishonor their office by accepting bribes in exchange for favorable treatment. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> that window you see there with the wood over it, that's the broken window that federal officials used to enter the home on friday. they're saying that while ty were knocking on the door they could hear the johnsons inside trying to destroy evidence allegedly. that's what the federal ofcials had in the affidavit. tracee wilkins, live in mitchell. fairfax county police want to talk to the mother of a baby found outside a urch.
6:47 am
someone left the hours old little girl outside st. raymond's in springfield yesterday morning before early mass. e baby was wrapped in towe inside gym bag and still had her umbilical cord attached. she is healthy and was born at fullterm. church members say they're glad the mother picked a safe place to leave the child. >> on the one hand we're glad the family thought of church as the place people could find the baby care. >> they are worried the mother may need medical attention because she did not sea doctor at the time of her delivery. a family believes whoever stole their dog could have been watching theirvery move. last thursday the lee family went out for the day. when they returned, shadow the yorkshire terrier, was gone. the owners say they accidentally left a patio door unlocked and someone must have come in and
6:48 am
taken him. >> someone is home 95% of the time. whoever it is that came, they knew no one was home. so they must have been watching for a period of time. >> nothing else inside the house was taken. >> a fairfax county high school is doing away with failing grades or at least the letter grade of "f." according to t "washington post," the high school is doing away with failing grades. instead,tudents who fail will get an incomplete and get a chance to improve their grade. if they don't complete the work, they will eventually fail. some critics say it gives students less motivation to succeed the first time. the school's principal said it is a way help struggling students. a new study showed high stress on the job may have long-lasting consequences on your health.
6:49 am
sit e of the longest, most comprehensive studies with more than 17,000 participants. results show women a demanding jobs with little growth potential can raise the risk of heart problems including heart attack, stroke and early death. >> this morning there is new warnings about the credit cards stores wiloffer you. courtney reagan joins us live with more on this story. courtney, good morning to you. >>reporter: hi. good morning to you. i think it stress everybody out. lawmakers are warning consumers not to be tempted by the store brand credit cards when you're shopping. they're out with a study showing some store credit cards have incredibly high interest rates. on average, 24% versus traditional cards which average 15%. wiener will require companies to disclose card rates and fees when consumers sign up for them. and walmart is keeping the
6:50 am
lights on r thanksgiving. retail giant is joining sears and target and opening stores for a few hours to bring in early holiday shoppers. some state laws prevent stores from opening on thanksgiving. facebook and google is expecting to launch an e-mail product to replace its clunky messaging service. project titan is being called a gmail killer. think of all the likes and diikes, especially for advertisers. back to you, eun. >> facebook giving dpoog el a ra for its money. courtney, thank you >> traffic is bound to be a nightme. redskins take on the philadelphia eagles at home for a huge monday night matchup. it's the second time this year that donovan mcnabb will play his old team. and he's hoping another big win
6:51 am
will give room to negotiate a nice big new contract. espn reports mcnabb's agent wil be in town today to try and secure a new four-year deal for the starting quarterback. tonight the skins's offense line is trying to protectmcnabb after giving up some 17 sacks so far this year. this is people making plays. you go to detroit. who figured detroit would cause that much havoc. not being in position to block or maintain a block. >> mr. portis, have we not ditched the philadelphia hat yet? skins kick off at 8:30. >> we need to get him a nats or caps hat immediately. 6:51. what kind of day are we having? >> it's a good day tailgating.
6:52 am
the game does not start until 8:30 tonight. we'll stay dry between now and then. we have damp and chilly monday under way. good morning. right now 48 at national airport. low to mid-40s in prince george's, fairfax and montgomery counties. patchy fog. fog has formed and thickened up in just the last several years. not too bad in washington an points north and west. montgomery county, thick fog. dulles, visibility is just at a quarter mile. just a quarter mile in manassas as well. half a mile at andrews air force base. temperatures are in the 40s from the mountains to the atlantic peaches. we had a few sprinkles in the mountains. we just have low clouds and fog, northern virginia and the strict and much of maryland this morning. students athe bus stops, watch out for them. hard the see pedestrians, as
6:53 am
well as deer. now predawn, dawn. sunrise isust about to begin. temperatures will be in the 40s wi patchy fog and the clouds here for another couple hours. then sun breaking out. highs reaching low 60s. good wther for the skins dpram. cloudy by kickoff. it ought to be in the low 50s. by dawn tomorrow, light rain is possible. upper 40s. occasional shower likely during the day on tuesday, tuesday night. drying out wednesday and thursday. and cooling down. friday, saturday, suay, sunn but chilly. jerry, how is the traffic. >> tailgating, fun. onhe interstate, noto muc some folks are saying, what fog? what are you talking about? not too much to worry about here on 66. elsewhere, though, certainly an issue. let's head over and see how we're doing. wilson bridge, lanes open. outer loop, telegraph road, very close to where we had the
6:54 am
earlier crash. southeast corridor seemed to be doing pretty well to the anacostia bridges. college park to silver sprin a little fog at ground level. does not appear to be too b at this point. it is heavy from i-95. metro and vre, no delays. mark rail, camden 841 1k3 843. penn 405, 503, 509 all delayed. eun? >> jerry, thank you. troubling escalator accident happening at metro stations here in washington are happening in other places as well. just week after an accident injured several people at the l'enfant plaza, we learned a simila accident happened on atlanta subway stem a few years back. news 4's megancgrath joined us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. that is the big question here. the escalator is the westinghouse modular 100. it was discontinued decades ago.
6:55 am
we are learning that other agencies have had issue with these escalators as well. let's take a look at amateur video on youtube. it shows an incident in atlanta that happened on new year's eve in 2007 whe an issue with a modular 100 caused people to fall into a pile at the bottom of the escalator. now, of course a few weeks back we had a similar accident at the l'enfant plaza station here. the brakes on that modular 100 failed, sending people flying at the bottom of that escalator. now, metro has been inspecting all of their escalators since that accident and they have found more widespread problems with the effescalatorescalators. there are currently 120 out of service in theetro system. they're down. out of serviceso they can make repairs to those escalators. we're here at the gallery place metro station. you can see we have twof the three escalators out of order at
6:56 am
this point. ongoing problem. they're continuing to look at these escalators. we're hearing there were other similar problems elsewhere. metro will stay open one hourater tonight to get people home from the red kins game at fedex field. all trains until 1:00 a.m. more trains in service to handle the crowds. >> 6:56 our time. kierly suiters has this morning's top stories from the newsroom. kimberly. >> good morning, joe. one hour from now 100 mostly republican new members of congressegin orientation while other members of the lame duck session consider tax cuts. the president wants tax cuts for the middle class not the weighty. one of ingmar guandique's former cellmates is expected to testify for the defense. jury deliberations could begin as early as wednesday. >> finally, click it or ticket. the focus of virginia state
6:57 am
police this week. not buckling up is a secondary offense in viinia, meaning you have to be pulled over for something else before being cited. that ticket is $25, plus court costs and theprice of your other ticket. >> that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your monday with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll beback here starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. until then, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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